Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Kämpferisches Bildungssyndikat

This is the last song I will ever write
The last blank page my pen will ever blight
Abandoning the fight, I m pulling off the gloves
No longer be a soldier for God or truth of love
— Dan Bern, Suicide Bomb

19:19 <chris2> it is really pretty awful how everyone thinks of gonads when you mention monads…
19:20 <vincenz> yeah
19:20 <vincenz> monads are cool
19:20 <Lars_G> Gonads are cooler
19:21 * Lars_G slaps himself
19:21 <Lars_G> chris2: I swear, SWEAR that I hadn't read your line before posting, which actually makes it WORSE:
19:21 <Lars_G> sigh
16:27 <slyphon> woohoo! new version of darcs!
16:29 * chris2 sees the cpu glow
munich gargoyle

Everybody’s got it.
Everybody’s covered with it
It’s stretched clear across everybody’s bones.
Tell me what’s the big thing, what’s the big thing
What’s all the tears and the fuss gonna bring
— Dan Bern, Mr. Webster