Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Avon Calling

Now I think if I have to live outside the Garden of Paradise
It might as well be spent looking in your eyes
The lies might as well be your lies
The thighs might as well be your thighs
It might as well be with Eva
It might as well be with you
— Dan Bern, Eva

19:27 <d-bug> KTottE, not so fascist filter really, sex and gamblin has nothing to do with work
19:28 <avar> what if you work as a hooker at a casino?
15:05 <KTottE> Is there a way to make emacs smarter? It feels like I've got to press all the keys on my keyboard in a specified order just to be able to write something to the buffer ;P
15:06 <chris2> KTottE: emacs is smarter than you, trust me }:-)
Avon Calling

Superman said I am weary
Superman said let’s go home
The trees were strung with crosses and with ribbons
All the towns and churches had been bombed
— Dan Bern, Superman