Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


21:01 <Aria> I hated that article. Geoff Pullum is at once brilliant and annoying.
21:02 <chris2> you mean like jacob nielsen, but brilliant?

Well I guess there’s less reason than you think
For mixing pills, depression, and drink
If death and greatness has no link
Well too bad—
Too bad about Elliot Smith
— Dan Bern, Elliott Smith

17:40 * lypanov is now using java anyways, ruby sucks
17:40 <Pistos> …
17:40 * Pistos looks for the eject button on lypanov's seat…

I’m going out sleepwalking
where mute memories start talking
the boss that couldn’t help but hurt you
and the pretty thing he made desert you
— Elliott Smith, 2:45 AM

march by moln
21:58 <das_Ritalin> joe is like so nice
21:58 <das_Ritalin> its fisherprice my first emacs