Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Hyper-real tree
19:09 <chris2> @kitchen.stuff.grep(Eatable)
19:17 <chris2> #=> Picolino(9)
19:18 <Frixon> Die schmecken gut.
19:19 <chris2> jo
19:19 <chris2> aber 9 sind zu wenig
19:19 <Frixon> Verfressenes Volk! :)

A dreamer of pictures
I run in the night
You see us together,
chasing the moonlight,
My cinnamon girl.
— Neil Young, Cinnamon Girl (Happy Birthday, Neil!)

13:18 <chris2> *surr* *surr*
13:19 <chris2> (can you hear george harrison spinning in his grave?)
13:20 <chris2> at the chinese, they had a beatles cd with chinese touch
13:20 <chris2> it was so awful
13:22 <chris2> like "let it be" with bamboo stuff. urgks

When writing for the web, there’s nothing but disappointment. I almost wish I didn’t understand HTML—then I could use high-level word processors, export to HTML and turn a blind eye to the atrocious markup. — Jonathan Rentzsch, Contemporary Quill

ThoughtBestattungsunternehmen helfen im Trauerfall; kann man da aber auch anrufen, wenn einfach nur jemand gestorben ist?

Hello ruby in the dust
Has your band begun to rust
After all the sin we’ve had
I was hopin’ that we’d turn back
— Neil Young, Cowgirl In The Sand

00:40 <chris2> ain't nothing better than getting drunk and testing webapps
00:41 <noradio_> if by 'testing webapps' you mean having sex, then yes

Thing I Love About The Ruby Community #3,247: Whenever I think, “it would be smart if there were a way…”, there usually already is. — David Brady