Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Goethes Gartenhaus

If you can get me a tennis game with John McEnore, a game of chess with Bobby Fischer,
A cup of coffee with JD Salinger, a blow job from Monica Lewinksy, a game of, catch with Willie Mays,
Three days in the desert with Bob Dylan and Terence McKenna, or at least some, good Vietnamese noodles.
I gotta go now, just ‘cause I gotta go now.
— Dan Bern, Olive Oil

20:11 <jix> seit dem ich nimmer grammatik habe findet das meine deutschlehrerin scheiße
20:14 <chris2> :P
20:14 <jix> scheiße jetzt werde ich getumbleloggt oder sowas *g*
19:16 <chris2> #991<1|>lilith:~/mess/current$ whereis dog
19:16 <chris2> #992<1|>lilith:~/mess/current$ whereis cat
19:16 <chris2> /bin/cat
19:21 <chris2> (who put the cat into the bin?)
19:22 <Stoerte> chris2: maybe your dog is called tac?
19:22 <chris2> no
19:23 <chris2> #995<1|>lilith:~/mess/current$ whereis biff
19:23 <chris2> /usr/bin/biff
Goethes Gartenhaus

Well, the reason you hear me singing the blues, baby,
Yeah, you know my baby’s gone, she’s gone, she’s gone.
— Eric Clapton, Ten Long Years Lyrics