Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Lord, I’m broke, I’m hungry, ragged and dirty too,
Broke and hungry, ragged and dirty too.
If I clean up, sweet momma, can I stay all night with you?
— Bob Dylan, Ragged & Dirty

19:23 <Eek> I try to stay off IRC when I'm busy, though it doesn't always work out ;)
19:23 <chris2> veteran meeting
19:24 <mfp> chris2: that makes you an exceptionally young veteran I'd guess ?
19:24 <chris2> most likely :P
19:24 <mfp> anything pre-Rails is, well, prehistorical…
19:26 <mfp> we have to face it, our destiny is extinction as we fail to embrace Web 3.0

She looked at me, begin to smile,
Said, “Hey, hey, man, can’t you wait a little while?”
No, no, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you,
No, no, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you.
Got blood in my eyes for you, babe,
I don’t care what in the world you do.
— Bob Dylan, Blood In My Eyes