Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


18:57 <GnuVince> I went to Python for the larger number of libraries (back in 2002-2003), however when the language started looking like Anna Nicole Smith, I came running back to Ruby,

Through a bullet of light
Her face was reflectin’
The fast fading words
That rolled from my tongue
With a long-distance look
Her eyes was on fire
But the song it was long
And there was more to be sung.
— Bob Dylan, Eternal Circle

15:06 <dagbrown> Meddling with ObjectSpace and things with moats stand the chance of killing all your production code. That's why the big KEEP OUT signs.
15:06 <flori> dagbrown: just wait and it will end up in rails ;)
15:02 <chris2> def foo(a, b); return unless a.kind_of? Object && b.kind_of? Object && 2 == 2; …; end
15:02 <dagbrown> Hey, someone needs to point that dumb kid at that…
15:02 <chris2> ^ paranoid programmer
15:03 <dagbrown> Now that's paranoia!
15:03 <dagbrown> "Oh crap, what you gave me wasn't an object! What on earth will I do with *that*?"