Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Buy! buy!
Says the sign in the shop window.
Why? why?
Says the junk in the yard.
— Paul McCartney, Junk

20:14 <chris2> Demi: i did a lot of sudokus in holiday, probably more than three a day
20:15 <chris2> Demi: on the bus ride back home, i couldnt sleep, shifting numbers all the time
20:15 <Demi> It doesn't surprise me. There's no telling who you'll kill now.
20:16 <chris2> Demi: i was persecuted by the idea that i needed to sleep in different ways than the people in my seat row and column
20:16 <chris2> no kidding :P
17:59 <dagbrown> chris2: It's already been confirmed to kill Rails dead.
18:00 <chris2> "rails is using undocumented features that have been changed in 1.8.3"
18:00 <chris2> of course, most stdlib is an "undocumented feature" }}:-)
18:00 <dagbrown> Yes, but it takes less words than "Rails trips over its own monstrous crackpipe and falls over on its ass with 1.8.3".

I’d love to find Einstein’s brain and Miss America’s legs in a single female package. But I always kept finding Miss America’s brain and Einstein’s legs instead. — Hal Fulton, Einstein and Miss America

17:36 * chris2 wants to get a buck for each old emacs joke told
17:36 <Demi> I wanted to try emacs… but I'm still waiting for it to start!
17:36 <Demi> cha-ching!

And I never had no armies
To jump at my command.
No, I ain’t got no armies
To jump at my command.
But I don’t need no armies,
I got me one good friend.
Hey, hey, so I guess I’m doin’ fine.
— Bob Dylan, Guess I’m Doin’ Fine

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