Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


I had two students who invented algorithms for hyphenation and line breaking. And I had many dozens of volunteers who met every Friday for several hours to help me make decisions. But I wrote every line of code myself. — Donald E. Knuth, Interview at FSM

Used to be the now gone roquentin/43587279.
20:40 <rue> alias_method :evil, :eval

Now I m getting ready
For another long season of silence
And skipping flat stones
Of nights filled with nothing
Of being alone
— Dan Bern, Being Alone

the left
18:38 <nome> Zeroth: j2sdk1.4.2: 35MB download, install to 91M
18:38 <cout__> lightweight
18:39 <chris2> cout_: we all know java was made for embedded devices :P
18:42 <cout_> chris2: well most java programmers do get java embedded into their souls. it's part of the contract.
18:43 <chris2> i thought most ppl get it stabbed up the ass
ThoughtThe advancedness of a programming language can be asked with a single question: Does it have a C-style for(;;) loop?

I feel like my body is a station wagon in which I drive my brain around, like a suburban mother taking the kids to hockey practice. — Douglas Coupland, Microserfs

When I say always,
I mean forever.
I trust tomorrow as much as today.
I’m not afraid to say,
I love you.
And I promise you,
I’ll never say goodbye.
— Pete Seeger, I’ll Never Say Goodbye