Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


There is a house in New Orleans
Not the one you heard about
I’m talking ‘bout another house
They spoke of gold in the cellar
That a spanish gentleman had left
— Silver Jews, New Orleans

Ireland - Dublin - Cityscape 02
12:57 <scoopr> slashdot works because of the sheer volume of people reading slashdot
12:57 <_fatalis> the lesser idiots outnumber the greater idiots
Saucer closeup2

I’ll rise and fall, let me take credit for both
Jump off a cliff, don’t need your help so back off
I’ll never suck Satan’s dick…
— Pearl Jam, Satan’s Bed

When timely death my life and fortune ends,
Let not my hearse be vexed with mourning friends,
But let all lovers, rich in triumph, come
And with sweet pastimes grace my happy tomb;
And Lesbia, close up thou my little light,
And crown with love my ever-during night.
— Thomas Campion, My Sweetest Lesbia