Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


15:50 <dagbrown> I was at a pub the other night, discussing continuations. (Yes, that's the kind of bar I go to)
15:50 <dagbrown> A continuation is like…when you start dating a girl, you create a continuation, right?
15:50 <dagbrown> And when things go wrong, you just restart from the continuation. Only the cool thing about continuations is that you have everything you learned since dating the girl.
15:51 <dagbrown> That's how continuations work!

Und dann fragst du mich, was schaust du am liebsten
Und ich sage Naturfilme, weil man da sehen kann
Wie schön die Welt ist und was die Tiere tun
Wohin die Vögel ziehn, wenn es kalt wird in Berlin.
— Funny van Dannen, Naturfilme

ThoughtDiscussions are like a Moebius strip, you go around and around until you notice you are both on the same side.
15:11 <dagbrown> You can instantiate anything you want at Alice's Class Factory.
emmène moi

May I be boiled in oil And fried in Crisco If I ever call San Francisco, “Frisco” — Ogden Nash

I don’t need your civil war
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
Your power hungry sellin’ soldiers
In a human grocery store
Ain’t that fresh
I don’t need your civil war
— Guns’n’Roses, Civil War

Sho raykOm ?!
14:37 <kig> is it ethical to shut down emacs?
14:37 <kig> how about vi!?
14:37 <zem> is it ethical to make a sentient computer run emacs?
14:37 <zem> ("oh my god, there's emacs in my head!")