Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


7:04 <Ol^li> mir ist zur zeit auch brutal langweilig
17:06 <chris2> werd christ
The Cheesy Beef Lasagna

Ah, my friends from the prison, they ask unto me,
“How good, how good does it feel to be free?”
And I answer them most mysteriously,
“Are birds free from the chains of the skyway?”
— Bob Dylan, Ballad in Plain D

16:33 <Austin–> Pistos: static typing tends to cost more programmer time, IME. both in typing and in failed assumptions.
16:33 <dagbrown> Austin–: But it gives control freaks warm fuzzies!

You always taught me right from wrong
I need your help, daddy please be strong
I may be young at heart
But I know what I’m saying
— Madonna, Papa Don’t Preach

far away