Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Not sure vimfully is a word (Webster doesn’t think so), but I understand it in context, and many will be glad to hear that the change will come vimfully and not emacsively. — Joel VanderWerf

18:36 <dvoodoo> was macht die kunst? (<- derzeit meine lieblings-klischee-frage)
18:37 <chris2> stetig am hacken
18:37 <jix> holz?
18:38 <chris2> jix: kot
18:38 <jix> ah
18:38 <jix> das is scheisse wa?
18:38 <chris2> ;)

Please don’t talk about tomorrow
I’m really not one to care
This world is filled with too much sorrow
That nobody’s heart should bear.
— Bob Dylan, Coming From The Heart

Words have power
Words have meaning
Words become things
And words become actions
So thank you for your words
Mr. Mein Kampf of the bathroom
And here is the airplane
And here’s the release lever
And here is a shovel
To wipe away the ashes
— Dan Bern, Hiroshima

Used to be the now gone marcox/31419704.
16:15 <mfp> "Maybe you could make a "Ruby cemetery" where old projects can go to die?" -> that's the stdlib for you ;)

ThoughtI’d like to do a meta-movie that tells about how the meta-movie itself was made.