Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


17:41 <dragonkh> hello - another name change ! whats with this name thing these days !
17:41 <dragonkh> I'm going to change my name too then
17:41 — dragonkh is now known as santaclaus
17:42 <santaclaus> ho ho ho

I’m the new king
I taste the queen
in here we are all anemic
in here anemic and sweet
— Deftones, Knife Party

Away Message: mich zur├╝ckbilden (mittagsprogramm schauen)
16:23 <dragonkh> <gasp>gime me sugary treats back</gasp>
16:23 <dragonkh> <pant>I need them</pant>
16:24 <chris2> :P
16:24 <dragonkh> <yikes>why am i writing in xml tags</yikes>

What do you do when you’re not in the office/lab?
Login from home. Rudi Cilibrasi

Skiing above the clouds (edited)
15:43 * rue is 11.
15:43 <rue> With 8 years' Rails experience

Me I set it light it burns so bright
Stab it out
Stab it out
— The Distillers, Beat Your Heart Out