Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


It’s where I got my heart
But not where I left my heart
I take that with me
Now I’ve seen whats underneath
— The Donnas, The Gold Medal

white octopus
15:20 <pugio> ptickne: I have a mental blog against blogging until I get my blog to be "perfect"

After 4 years, Ruby still hasn’t ruined itself. Did I become more forgiving, or is the language really easier to use? :P — Kero Vangelder

14:34 <dbickett> would you believe ruby on rails was recommended to me on #python ? that's truly a grim sign, yes?

Spin me round roll me over fuckin’ circus
Stab it down one way needle pulled so slowly
Drains and spills soaks the pages fills their sponges
It’s my blood
— Pearl Jam, Blood