Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


18:25 <tirkal> I mean, throwing pickaxes at people is… dangerous and stuff.
18:25 <ben> tirkal: If they cannot manage to catch it properly, they are not fit for Ruby!
18:25 <tirkal> I see. teaching Ruby the darwin way.

I read “Oxford University” as “Hexadecimal ‘ford’ University”. That’s a new low for me… — Jonathan Rentzsch

we are family
17:32 * slyphon just found a new and disgusting plumbing product: "Liquid Plumr: *foaming pipe snake*"
17:33 <chris2> plumr
17:33 <chris2> that sounds like a social web site for posting pictures of occluded toilets
17:34 <chris2> or for friends of sake

We fade away, survive the day
Don’t get paid, full of hate
And frustrated
— Redrum, Same Shit, Different Day

15:38 <dragonkh> I need a pee - brb
15:39 <dragonkh> doh ! you didnt need to know that !
15:39 <dragonkh> sorry
Fjords 06

Raindrops falling from heaven
Could never wash away my misery
But since we’re not together
I’ll look for stormy weather
To hide these tears I hope you’ll never see.
— Don Williams, Crying in the Rain