Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


california 001
17:37 <Qerub> ikea = World.locate :IKEA; Qerub.goto ikea; ikea.stuff.each { |i| villa << i }
17:37 * Qerub dies

Drawing life to a close with a transcendentally orgasmic bang, and not a pathetic and god-forsaken whimper, can turn dying into the culmination of one’s existence rather than its present messy and protracted anti-climax. —

ThoughtFahrradfahren macht alles mit “H” kaputt: Hände, Hintern, Hoden und Hirn.
2004-04-09-019  Terschelling, West an Zee, Strandpavillion

Being Barefoot makes me feel free. Liberated from shoes and also liberated from caring about approval or disapproval of society. — stzu

Summertime, the taste of saint secretes and perfume mist
console the mind, I take it in with lips of pink I kiss
Lonely sky, the more you take the more that I give in
Holy eyes, I never knew, I know, I know…
— The Distillers, The Hunger