Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


21:13 <dvoodoo> sowas wie ActiveRecord andersrum
21:13 <chris2> Og
21:13 <dvoodoo> Og?
21:13 <chris2> Og.
21:13 <dvoodoo> Og!
21:13 <jix> og ogogogogogo og ogogogog klinkt wie nen huhn ^^

…and whenever he was again threatened by the sad thought that so many people in the world were so rich and he so poor, he merely thought of Herr Kannitverstan in Amsterdam, of his great house, his rich ship and his narrow grave. — Johann Peter Hebel, Kannitverstan

ThoughtFirst three results for googling “leave”: Yahoo, Disney, Google
16:41 <peekpoke> where can i get a gf called ruby? i think it could lead to many hilarious ambiguities that would provide me with literally minutes of amusement

No one knows where she comes from
Maybe she’s a devil in disguise
I can tell by looking in her eyes.
— Jimi Hendrix, Little Miss Strange

Red glass blue glass on clear

And I still want you,
Love in the altitudes, no one but me and you.
— Dead Moon, In The Altitudes


Removing a pattern can simplify a system and a simple solution should almost always win. — Erich Gamma, Patterns and Practice

Beach trees.