Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
18:41 <chris2> people that write 1 == x suck :P
18:42 <Aredridel> chris2: You are so right. People who can't tell == and = apart at a glance suck too.
11:48 <Luckys> alright, so overall, US$50K is not a small amount
11:49 <chris2> everything that doesnt need 64bit to represent is a small amount }:-)

Sunshine Sunshine Reggae
don’t worry
don’t hurry
take it easy
— Laid Back, Sunshine Reggae

Fly Away & Escape

Well if I had one wish for you in this god forsaken world, kid
It’d be that your mistakes will be your own
That your sins will be your own
— Bruce Springsteen, Long time comin’