Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


My point is that whether you paint your face red or pass a conch around or take the fluorescent lights off the ceilings, it seems that programmers and their environment naturally exhibit an eccentric quality when it’s necessary to be very productive and management allows it. — Philip Eskelin

A Caminho do Deserto do Atacama

Is this just another phase?
Earthquakes making waves,
Trying to shake the cancer off?
Stupid human beings,
Once you hold the hand of love,
it’s all surmountable.
— Pearl Jam, Love Boat Captain

16:39 <Mondkater> Google ;-)
16:40 <chris2> ich google den ganzen tag, ich will auch mal mit menschen reden! :P
16:41 <Mondkater> Ich google den ganzen Tag um mit Menschen zu reden!
16:41 <Mondkater> (ok, bin ich froh, dass es nicht so schlimm ist *g+ )

Even better is that you can do this and not know squat about how continuations work. They just do, and it can all be magic. — Dan Sugalski

Maple Leaf

Silver wings of mornin’
Shinin’ in the gray day
While the ice is formin’
On a lonely runway.
— Neil Young, Look Out For my Love

New York Angled