Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Am I losing my touch, does it matter so much?
Am I losing my grip, am I starting to slip?
— Dead Moon, Sorrow’s Forecast

20:06 <chris2> i want to splat my brain with a speaking screaming "worse is better"
19:43 <Xof> don't worry, all you ppc lovers – just buy an Xbox
19:43 <Xof> I love the sound of Great Hackers weeping in the morning
19:31 <andywan> that kinda makes me feel like i need a shower… *shudder*
19:32 <cooldude127> what the hell are they thinking?
19:32 <pepincat> Intel huh?
19:32 <bitsweat> bet the smell is overpowering. room of geeks all shat their pants.
19:32 <bitsweat> confirmed they've had a secret x86 build for 5 years
19:30 <bchin> but next year, Apple will start introducing Intel processors
19:31 <bchin> Mac with Intel processors

19:00 CEST, I’m sitting here in front of lots of Mac news sites. And two special-purpose IRC channels.

Freßt doch soviel Daten bis ihr daran erstickt. — Jörg Kantel

ThoughtI just found this APL statement in the IBM APL\1130 Primer, Student Text:
Must be desperate people working there…

So don’t be fooled, so don’t be lied to
Love was always cruel
And don’t act strange, don’t be a stranger
It happened to me, now it’s happening to you
But if you take that train underwater
Then we could talk it through
— Bright Eyes, Train Under Water