Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Phone boxes

So often these days eating Indian food
Passes for spirituality
I don’t meditate
I don’t pray
But I eat two samosas every day
— Dan Bern, Rolling Away

All this leads me to the conclusion that “Enterprise Software” is a polite way of saying shitty legacy systems and overly complex requirements. — Michael Koziarski

16:32 <chris2> lol, deadlock in nature
16:32 <chris2> i have a tiny spider that constantly crawls around my coffee cup :P
16:32 <chris2> maybe i should build a moebius strip

She’s shaking down it’s ever over and done
so kick me, give me
then I’ll know
— Elliot Smith, Cupid’s Trick

Zion National Park - Utah (USA)

I love him who is a free spirit and a free heart: thus his head is only the bowels of his heart, but his heart drives him to his downfall. — Nietzsche

23:43 <lypanov> chris2: actively thinking is stupid :P