Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


19:43 * rue is a monkey
19:44 <rue> A *highly trained* monkey
Three varieties of pineapples

I’m digging a hole
In my back yard
I hit rock and sprung water
I dove in
And ended up in Beijing
Stole me a bike
Joined up with the monks
Because silence
Is worth more these days
Oh Than AOL Time Warner
Or Martha Stewart stocks
— Melissa Ferrick, Beijing

18:13 <ngw> what is oxygen ?
18:13 <ngw> uhm
18:13 <chris2> O_2
18:13 <ngw> lol
18:13 <ngw> I was thinking of a java package, I need a coffee
18:15 <chris2> ngw: you need a java package :)
18:03 * chris2 invents the metatorrent
18:03 <chris2> using bittorrent to transfer .torrent! :)
dont call me i'll call you!
16:37 * KirinDave goes to work at the C++ mines.
16:37 <kreaturr> go slave labor!

My overall bias is that technology, science, engineering, and company organization are all secondary to the people and human concerns in the endeavor. Companies, ideas, processes, and approaches ultimately fail when humanity is forgotten, ignored, or placed second. — Richard P. Gabriel, Patterns Of Software