Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


playful condoms
21:58 <flashdrvnk> I will have to check for miss-typing too. That is why.
21:58 <ThreeDayMonk> miss typing? I hear she's a bitch :-P

Most people would rather die than think.
In fact, they do. — Bertrand Russell

18:50 <ThreeDayMonk> hrm "When exactly Jim loaded up the truck and moved to Hawaii [from Minnesota] is unclear" - I want one of those aquatic trucks that can drive across the Pacific!
18:50 <batkins_> ThreeDayMonk: yeah i have one
18:51 <ThreeDayMonk> batkins_: the batkinsmobile? :-)
18:51 <batkins_> haha exactly
18:01 <rhodus> but the free manual doesnt work for version 1.8 :&-*
18:01 <ThreeDayMonk> rhodus: is that a seahorse smiley?

Making the fire alarm look just like a light switch isn’t an example of daring and innovative design, it’s just dangerous. — Phil Ringnalda, I wonder why buttons look like that

by Annick

Bienvenida a Tijuana
Bienvenida mi amor
De noche a la mañana
Bienvenido a Tijuana…
— Manu Chao, Bienvenida a Tijuana