Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Flickr is down, no pictures today.

21:51 — zenspider is now known as ilias
21:51 <ilias> don't you dare take my name in vain!
20:51 * zenspider sees dumb ppl
20:51 <zenspider> :P
20:51 <chris2> zenspider: break the mirror!
20:51 <chris2> *g*

O minha maconha
minha torcida
minha querida
minha galera
— Manu Chao, Minha Galera

18:56 <chris2> i dislike how "printf" looks on the screen :)
18:57 <gdsx> bah 8)
18:58 <chris2> for non-C code at least
18:58 <chris2> admittedly, writeln is worse :)

Imagine a flock of ducks in the sky. Listen.
Now remove the ducks. Listen.
What is the sound of no duck quacking?
What should nil respond_to?
— John Carter

But the general idea of nil silently consuming all messages turns duck typing into duck hunting. — James Britt

She talks to birds, she talks to angels,
she talks to trees, she talks to bees.
She don’t talk to me.
Talks to the rainbows and to the seas,
she talks to trees.
She don’t talk to me.
Don’t talk to me.
— Ramones, She Talks To Rainbows

I say hey, who’s goin’ my way
On that great Alaska Highway
— Dan Bern, Alaska Highway

Es geht beim Hacken um weit mehr als um Lötkolben und gcc, es geht auch um den Traum von einer besseren und freien Gesellschaft. Der Horizont der Hackerin und des Hackers geht weit über den Bildschirmrand hinaus. — CCC Unvereinbarkeitserklärung

14:39 <chris2> aah, tcp/ip into my veins