Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


21:19 <hawky> chris2: just want to create necessary classes in order to instantiate a doom tree…
21:19 <chris2> hawky: i'm sure that was a typo, but it fits :)
21:12 <jast> and while the original HTML is based on SGML (which is a bit like a lax version of XML where you don't have to stick to as many structure rules), XHTML is based on XML
21:12 <jast> other than that, there's not a lot of differences
20:08 * dblack hands Aredridel the 'most easily amused channel member award' :-
20:08 <dblack> sh-2.04$ grep laughs *ruby-lang* | wc -l
20:08 <dblack> 145
20:08 <dblack> sh-2.04$ grep "Aredridel laughs" *ruby-lang* | wc -l
20:08 <dblack> 95
20:08 <dblack> Aredridel: always look on the bright side of life? :-)
20:08 * Aredridel accepts the award gladly, and puts it next to "Gee, you really laugh a lot 2004" and "Wow! Someone else who doesn't use LOL 2002"
Phoenix Manhole Cover or Firefox Logo Rip-Off?

Ex seipsa nascens, ex reparabilis ales,
Quae exoriens moritur, quae moriens oritur.
— Vita mihi mors est

One caution before we go any further: Ruby has spoiled many programmers. — Mike Clark