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23:37 <xal> like i said, numbering is entirly arbituary. The drupal project calls it major version after running a code beautifyer

Yes, I admit I did self-google:

By far one of the most “…uh… what?” blogs I’ve seen that I actually found by a trackback to one of my unit testing blog posts. Worth a look, if only for the seemingly random Bob Dylan and Latin phrases mixed in. It’s almost a link blog, only a little more “spiritual” :) — Roy Osherove on Anachaia

6A [Six Apart] is like a black hole for creative people. Folks who, a year or two ago, were among the leading voices in the discussion of how weblogs were changing our culture, were coding all sorts of useful plug-ins for Movable Type, or were pushing the edges of web design are now focused on making software that generates revenue and aren’t saying a whole lot about it. — Jason Kottke, A whole new internet?

19:04 <hal9000_> ILIAS IS BACK. Do not respond. Do not respond. Do not respond.
butterfly1 photogram

I want to play, who threw my toys away
And gave me coffee, who wants some coffee?
I’m in business on the wrong side of your bay.
— Adam Green, Down on the Street

19:02 <rue> The unfortunate events in one's life: 1. The cessation of all life; 2. Java; 3. Moving

Möglicherweise sind Gefängnisse die einzigen sinnvollen Residenzen für Päpste. — Lars Strojny, Und es kam, wie es kommen musste

Schloss & Strawberries
14:39 <Frixon> flowhase: OK, du bist Informatiker…es grenz schon fast an ein Wunder, dass du weisst was Frauen sind, WOZU brauchst du 50 Kondome? ;)