Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


18:31 <hal9000_> i think karl marx had problems with oop. he was always talking about class struggles
18:33 <ThreeDayMonk> "For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him."
18:33 <hal9000_> "Ruby is the opiate of the hackers."
18:33 <dblack> "methods of the world, unite. you have nothing to chain but your return values."
Unnamed Tarn
ThoughtI discovered a new Pok√©mon, “Catchupino”. It always runs around with a coffee cup on his head. The main way of fighting is “Mokka Attack”…
guarda-sol de Buzios
5:33 <dragonkh> I rebuilt my pc the other day to run astrisk the os pbx
15:33 <dragonkh> and I found a mem error with my box - it was seg faulting on kernel rebuild
15:34 <dragonkh> so i narrowed it down to the hardware - a stick of 512
15:34 <dragonkh> I pulled it out and I was looking at it - but I also needed a pee - so I was doing 2 things at once
15:34 <dragonkh> then I dropped the 512 stick down the toilet !!
15:34 <dragonkh> I had to get my plunger out as it went behind the bend
15:34 <dragonkh> then eventually i got it out and dried it with the hair dryer
15:35 <dragonkh> and guess what it still worked !!
15:08 <jer> Austin__, nah, nothing is infinite; infinity doesn't even exist, we're just too lazy to follow the entire path to find out what's at the end =]

And the cops just blew on in here
And we’re in some kind of raid
I just hope that they’ll release us
For the Thanksgiving Day Parade
— Dan Bern, Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thank goodness Class#superclass doesn’t return -1 on error, otherwise we’d all be shocked to find out Object inherited from an instance of Fixnum. ;-) — Jon A. Lambert