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Ratzinger chose Benedict XVI as his name in memory of St. Benedict, who kept alive Christianity in the Middle Age, against barbarians. The new barbarians, in Ratzinger’s view, are liberals and relativists, and a new St. Benedict is probably needed to fend them off. — Ugo Cei, Italian catholics don’t get the new pope

I’ll sell you the moon, I’ll sell you the stars
And the forests with the lonesome wolfhound’s wail
But my love, my love is not for sale
My love, my love is not for sale
— Dan Bern, My Love Is Not For Sale

15:53 <slyphon> is there a way to make rake take command-line parameters?
15:53 * slyphon smirks @ "make rake take"

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We don’t need namespaces and never did. Imagine how many person-hours would have been saved if we didn’t have them. ;-} — Bob Foster, on xml-dev.

NP: Dan Bern—Lightning Jazz