Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


21:20 <slyphon> what's a functor?
21:20 <kwangjun> It's like a pastor, but in the church of the Anathematicians
18:53 <Locker> then again I always loved Darth Vader so using MS apps doesn't bug me <G>

Blue metal spaceship from an old charcoal grill
Curly orange something-or-other than blows where it will
500 years from now what stories will they tell
Of monuments to daughters on a green Wisconsin hill
— Dan Bern, Sculptures and Beautiful Girls

18:04 <chris2> AAAH
18:04 <chris2> WWAHH ICCK
18:04 <chris2> #pragma omp parallel for reduction(+:res) private(ZZ)
18:04 <slyphon> chris2: engineers and scientists don't have much use for "aesthetics"
18:05 <chris2> slyphon: i disagree
18:05 <chris2> slyphon: numberfrogs dont :P

… and on that note, here’s my answer to “How do I convert a string to a date”; Put pearls on the string. — Bill Guindon

Venice, Italy
14:04 –> Symmetry ( has joined #ruby-lang
14:06 <chris2> hi Symmetry yrtemmyS ih
14:06 <Symmetry> :P