Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)



At the time I started writing, Python didn’t have closures at all and I heard Guido van Rossum say that they weren’t important. I think that’s wrong, and that in another thirty years people will laugh at anyone who tries to invent a language without closures, just as they’ll laugh now at anyone who tries to invent a language without recursion. — Interview with Mark Jason Dominus

19:16 <oGMo> everytime you use rails, someone clubs a baby seal :(
19:22 <oGMo> when you use java, a devil gets its pitchfork
19:22 <oGMo> when you use ejb, he gets to stab you in the ass with it
19:22 <oGMo> repeatedly

Refering to typed lambda calculus as “plain ol’ code” may be a sign that I need to re-examine some of my prejudices about formalisms. :-) — Luke Gorrie

one time, in middle school, some people let some pigs onto the campus. They painted on the pigs “1”, “2”, and “4”. The faculty spent weeks looking for the third one. Moonpie