Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


Please note that GMail has changed their canonical name from to This broke my postfix configuration as there was no password known for that server. However, if I didn’t look into the logs, I still wouldn’t have noticed this.

14:44 <chris2> did you know pythonists have psyco-paths?
14:44 <zem> (:
14:44 <zem> yeah, rite

I am sometimes shocked by… the nuns who never take a bath without wearing a bathrobe all the time. When asked why, since no man can see them, they reply ‘Oh, but you forget the good God’. Apparently they conceive of the Deity as a Peeping Tom, whose omnipotence enables Him to see through bathroom walls, but who is foiled by bathrobes. — Bertrand Russell, 1943 (Found in the nethack source)