Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


We made it happen
You took off your clothes, left on the light
You stood there so brave
You used to be shy
— Bright Eyes, Take It Easy (Love Nothing)

Some notable April fools (for the rest, see Slashdot):

I started this as an hack since ruby is becoming less fun. — “matz”


Funny little story: We were locked for about five minutes into a subway because someone threw his crutches before the train. It’s unclear whether this was accidentally or on purpose. Since the train already drove some meters, they couldn’t open the doors anymore. And they would only tell you what happened upon request. When later the conductor spoke over the microphone, he would only tell half the truth. I really wonder what really happened.

ThoughtThere are even more people wearing iPods in Munich than there are “Coffee To Go” signs.

So we can burn burn burn everything that we don’t like
And watch the ashes fly up to Heaven
Maybe all the way to India
I’d like that
— Dan Bern, Jerusalem