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APL is like a diamond. It has a beautiful crystal structure; all of its parts are related in a uniform and elegant way. But if you try to extend this structure in any way - even by adding another diamond - you get an ugly kludge. LISP, on the other hand, is like a ball of mud. You can add any amount of mud to it and it still looks like a ball of mud. Joel Moses

Perl (by Larry Wall) is a popular utility language. However, the shell support is rather low level. Worse, the language is essentially a collection of useful features without an overall design. — Per Bothner, A Programming-Language Shell

Used to be the now gone stewart/87627.
16:02 <shevegen> hmm gibts hier schweizer?
16:02 <chris2> seh grad keinen
17:14 <eTM> wenn ich zuhause bin, und den tag über viel getrunken habe, kann ich in die schweiz rüberpinkeln. Zählt das?
there is only the dalang

ThoughtC++, n.: A language for writing windowmanagers and browsers.

The day that Elvis died was like a mercy killing
America breathed a sigh of relief
We knew all about the drugs and the Vegas shows
And there wasn’t much of anything that looked like grief
— Dan Bern, Too Late To Die Young

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Floating-point arithmetic always amazes me again.