Experimental, impressionistic sub-paragraph tumblin' (think obstsalat)


ThoughtYou never see wrongly encoded unicode characters on hand-written paper.

Avoid standardism: Good standards can provide interoperability and portability. Bad standards can stifle innovation. “supports XXX standard” is not a real user requirement, particulary if XXX was designed by a committee of “experts” who, throughout the entire process, never once ate their own dogfood. The best software is developed by trial, error and experimentation. —, Why is this project sucessful?

Cumberland One Block Walk 2.5.05 I
18:32 <KirinDave> Yeah, which level of hell is the 5th?
18:32 <chris2> goslings office? :P
18:32 * KirinDave laughs.
18:32 * KirinDave laughs so hard he cries.
18:33 <KirinDave> The 5th level is for Wrath And Sullenness!
18:33 <KirinDave> YES!
18:06 <zedas> you watch, one of my biggest dreams is to have fastcst live up to its name and ruthlessly insult people who do stupid stuff.
18:06 <slyphon> zedas: i guess you'll have a *curses* interface then?!
ThoughtThe “Neukirchen Number” is the percent of bits you can change before 50% of the readership doesn’t get the intented meaning of a string anymore. Think LD50 for information.
17:50 <slyphon> chris2: i don't understand jewish law
17:51 <slyphon> chris2: it's like C++, either you drink the kool-aid and know nothing else, or you're normal

In the same way well-defined recursions never require an infinite number of recursive calls, a well-defined reflective program never uses an infinite number of embedded reflective procedure calls. — A Tutorial on Behavioral Reflection and its Implementation


Since I found that I often stuble on links to interesting things, but never or only rarely blog about them on chris blogs, I thought I’d create another blog, Anarchaia where I can keep links, quotes, lines of lyrics and pictures. Now and then I’ll interspense some ramblings, but the editorial content will stay less than a paragraph. This section is an exception.

The format of the blog will be quite like Dave Winers, except for the annoying links to Scoble. Also, it’s not my fault that RSS and OPML exist and look what they are. :-)